15 Reasons to Date a Reporter

Assuming you are not getting presently examined for a story, there’s no should fear a reporter’s interest.

Here are 15 reasons why you should date a reporter:

1. Reporters have actually fantastic «B.S. radar.» They expect honesty and transparency — and learn how to figure out the truth whether or not it’s not informed.

2. Journalists usually are freelance while having flexible schedules. If you are cost-free for meal on a Wednesday, the significant other might be able to join you.

3. You’re going to be obtaining outstanding Scrabble spouse. (You shouldn’t make an effort to use phony words. He or she can ascertain.)

4. Reporters meet due dates. If punctuality is the thing, a reporter wont disappoint you.

5. Feeling regarding touch? Your own big date will likely be up on all local development and present affairs.

6. Winning reporters (just like the any you’re matchmaking) are challenging and aren’t afraid to take chances.

7. Connected with #6, your own big date may improve very first move. (Or ask you to answer precisely why you have not.)

8. Reporters make great times to parties and family events, because they’re fantastic at inquiring questions and appealing others in talk.

9. The big date will have interesting tales to share with.

10. Keep in mind that time your ex forgot your own birthday celebration? Reporters focus on vital details. Your own day will remember the birthday celebration, how you such as your coffee, and that promise you made her the other day. The terms will matter.

11. Journalists are enthusiastic communicators, thrilled to share stories with a bigger market. They also need to notice others’ stories.

12. Journalists tend to be honest. When you are in an union with one, everything is off-the-record.

13. Journalists can work fast, redirect concerns and problem-solve in the fly. If you prefer smart guys/girls, a reporter could keep you on your own feet.

14. Reporters have invites to swanky occasions. If you’ve ever planned to hobnob together with the mayor alongside regional celebrities, internet dating a reporter helps.

15. Clark Kent. Adequate stated.

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